The Drakkir

Known only as “The Drakkir,” this organization is comprised of elite mercenary cells that operate semi-independently in every city throughout Khorvaire and beyond. Little is known about the Drakkir’s size, allegiances, or overall structure. Mercenaries employed by the Drakkir know only vague details about the organization, most of which are limited to their specific operating cell. However, the vast network available on assignments and nearly unlimited funding for these assignments hint at the immense power of the Drakkir.

Those who seek the services of the Drakkir may do so for a variety of motivations. For some the Drakkir and their methods represent the last resort while others simply seek the political convenience of anonymity for publicly unsavory goals. Operating outside the Korth Edicts and unencumbered by House loyalties or rivalries, Drakkir mercenaries may be hired to conduct negotiations; retrieve artifacts, treasure, information, or persons; manipulate economic markets; assassinate rivals; escort delegates and operatives; infiltrate the impenetrable. Whatever the job, the Drakkir have no word for failure.

Perhaps a tactical decision to disguise any obvious political allegiance, or perhaps an indication of the organization’s infinite moral flexibility, assignments run the gamut of factional intrigue and machination, and rarely do mercenaries know any direct details of their client’s identity for any given assignment. Only the mercenaries’ own intelligence, perception, and political knowledge offers any kind of insight on the potential identity of their client from assignment to assignment.

The best Drakkir operatives have their own network of spies and informants, never fully trusting the organization—or anyone for that matter. Drakkir mercenaries who wish for a long and lucrative career will have their ears to the ground, honing their political skills as well as their blades. Keen observation of Khorvaire’s competing factions from the Dragonmarked Houses to the various global, political, and religious interests across Eberron (and beyond!) can often mean the difference between life or death. Though trust is hard-won in this line of work, a mercenary’s ability to trust his/ her team is crucial to survival in the harsh underworld of post-war Eberron.

Shadows of Eberron

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